Arts, Media, and Entertainment Career Pathway

Are you a movie buff, multimedia fan, or future broadcast star? If you are interested in this nationally award winning career pathway, check out the classes, photos, and videos below demonstrating career and work based learning offered through the Career & College Readiness Department.
For more information on signing up for the classes, please see your Career & College Readiness Specialist at your school listed here. You may also enroll in the classes with your Counselor or Career Coach. 
Arts, Media, and Entertainment Career Pathway
West Ranch and Canyon High School
Instructors Mrs. Overdevest & Mrs. Meschkat
PBS NewsHour Project - Misinformation Overload. Students in the video career pathway produced videos that were aired nationally.
Arts, Media, and Entertainment Career Pathway
Canyon High School
Instructors Mrs. Meschkat
Congratulations to Mrs. Meschkat and Canyon Network News (CNN) Team. They recently received the West Regional Broadcast Excellence award from Student Television Network in the category of School Announcements Show. Mrs. Meschkat says, "After taking over this program just two years ago, it is a huge honor to be chosen for this award.  I have encouraged my students to demand more of themselves while still having a fun and engaging class and news show.  It is so exciting to see all this hard work pay off and to be recognized for the changes we are making to this career pathway and program."  
Canyon Network News profiled the Photography Career Path for Career Education Month. Check out this awesome video! 
Arts, Media, and Entertainment Career Pathway
Golden Valley High School
Instructor Mr. Deuschle
Beginning and Advanced TV Production students create a daily live news program (GVTV).  Students are responsible for the entire production both in front of and behind the camera.
Charles Deuschle Video Productions Win at Ghetto Films!
Golden Valley High School video students Kylin Finley and Andrew Oh had the premiere of their short films recently in Los Angeles, CA. Kylin and Andrew were selected to be a part of the Ghetto Film School, a very selective program funded by 21st Century Fox studios. 200 students were narrowed down to 30, and Kylin and Andrew were both selected. Out of the 30, only ten were chosen to have their original short films screened.

Kylin and Andrew will be a part of the program for 30 months and will conclude their studies with a film thesis project that will be filmed overseas. What is impressive is that these two young men juggle their high school studies during the week and do all of their film school work on weekends and summers. "I wanted to share the excellent work these two students are doing on behalf of Golden Valley Video Production," said instructor Charles Deuschle.
Film Makers Bootcamp
Instructor Mr. Ron Mita
Film and Screenwriting 
School of Visual & Performing Arts
Media Entertainment Arts Department
College of the Canyons
The Filmmaker’s Bootcamp, led by Ron Mita, was held for William S. Hart District students at College of the Canyons. It was an outstanding career exploring weekend with 29 students in attendance. Mentors included Ron Mita, Jim McClain (Screenwriter), Heather Duncan (COC/USC Grad and Producer), Adam Weideman (Canyon Grad, COC Student) and Gage Masterson (Hart Grad/COC Student). For more information on the next Filmmaker’s Bootcamp, please contact Sue Reynolds Buckley at [email protected]To read the full story, please click here.

Photography and Multimedia Production Career Pathway
Canyon High School
Instructor Mr. Lee
Please enjoy the video by Keneth Lenora cut together during the photo field trip with his fellow 18 classmates. The shots were taken in and around Los Angeles. Sites included, Union Station, Olvera St, Central Market, USC, and California Science Center/Endeavour.
Arts, Media, and Entertainment Career Pathway
Saugus High School
Instructor Mr. Williams 
In the photographs, you will see students engaged in the daily production of the news broadcast for their school.
Broadcast Journalist Class
Sierra Vista Junior High School
Instructor Mr. Ippolito 
In these photographs, you will see Sierra Vista Middle School's Broadcast Journalism Class. The class produces a daily newscast show.
Photography Career Pathway
Hart High School
Instructor Mr. Vincent
Advanced photography student, Max Sehic, captured these outstanding photos of the solar eclipse. Max is a student at Hart High School in Mr. Vincent's Advanced Photography class.
Max, his father, and a friend drove 15 hours to Weiser, Idaho to see the full solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. They found a large open field and parked for the night to sleep in his father's truck. The next morning, they set up a place to view and photograph the eclipse. After capturing the images, they packed up and drove 15 hours back home. Max prepared himself for these images weeks in advance by looking up the path of the eclipse using Google Maps to find the best viewing area. They scheduled the trip and ordered special equipment so his camera would be able to view the eclipse without damaging any of the electronics. Max said that the experience was very exciting and he thought that the most interesting part about the solar eclipse was the change in temperature when the sun was fully covered.
Arts, Media, and Entertainment Career Pathway
Golden Valley High School - Extended Day Class
Instructor Art Balena
In the video you will see students engaged in the Photography Career Pathway and learning to use advanced equipment.