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Ron Mita leads Filmmaker’s Bootcamp for William S. Hart District students

The day opened with a screening of a short film called THUNDER ROAD, then went into a lecture about the foundations of a quality short film.  The students then screened THE LUNCH DATE and used it as an example of the perfect short film.  After covering the 11 elements of a short film, Mr. Mita segued the students into learning about short film clichés.  At the end of the cliché lecture, the students were formed into 9 teams of mixed students from all schools and sent them on campus to film some of the clichés on cell phones. While this was a fun bonding project, it gave them a chance to work with new friends and understand that the clichés they were recreating and filming, have no place in a quality film.

After 45 minutes, teams reconvened and the conversation changed toward screenwriting, in particular, story structure, plot points, page count, and story creation. At the 3-hour mark, students formed five production teams and were assigned a mentor and began work on creating an original idea for a short subject movie.


Mentors included Ron Mita, Jim McClain (Screenwriter), Heather Duncan (COC/USC Grad and Producer), Adam Weideman (Canyon Grad, COC Student) and Gage Masterson (Hart Grad/COC Student).


For more information on the next Filmmaker’s Bootcamp, please contact Sue Reynolds Buckley at