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Volunteer Opportunities

Whether you choose to work with kids or seniors, aim to improve conditions at your school or spruce up your neighborhood, you can become part of the legions of teens volunteering and make your own small step towards making the world a better place while you gain valuable work experience. 
Make the most of your community service experience by keeping a few suggestions in mind: 
  • Be prompt and follow through on your commitments, whether you volunteer once a week or once a month. The organization is counting on you.
  • Be willing to pay your dues and earn trust. You may have to attend an orientation or fill out a complex application form. These aren’t arbitrary requirements, and they should be respected. For instance, a hospital must inform volunteers of patient confidentiality and a school must screen volunteers to ensure the safety of the children in its care.
  • Maintain confidentiality. You may see a classmate’s mother accepting help at a food bank or a neighbor checking in to the hospital. This is not the time to start gossip.
  • Follow all rules and regulations. They are there to keep everyone safe.
  • Use volunteering to explore your career options. Do you enjoy working with young children? Do you like planning events? Community service allows you to explore these interests and find new ones.
  • Keep a record of your volunteer experience, including hours worked, positions held, and any awards won. This will make it easier to include volunteering on resumes and applications.
Use our gallery of websites below, to help you find your favorite organization and make your own small step towards making the world a better place while you gain valuable work experience. 
Need to fill resume gaps? Snag A Job offers a helpful volunteering video.  Visit here to watch.