Practicum Courses

CTE practicum courses are year-long work-based learning high school courses in a CTE pathway designed to provide students with advanced instruction and professional experience. Students spend a minimum number of hours a semester on and off-campus learning advanced skills related to industry careers and applying the knowledge and skills gained in previous courses in the pathway. The course develops and hones skills through simulated work, on the job training, critical thinking, problem-solving with individual and team approaches, presentation skills, and language skills commensurate with and expected from college prep students pursuing post-secondary education. The William S. Hart District offers the following Practicum classes:


CTE Allied Health Practicum (Patient Care Pathway)

CTE Animal/Vet Science Practicum (Animal Science Pathway)

CTE Athletic Training Practicum (Patient Care Pathway)

CTE Auto Technology Practicum (Systems Diagnostics Service & Repair Pathway)

CTE Dental Assistant Practicum (Patient Care Pathway)

CTE Emergency Medicine Practicum (Patient Care Pathway)

CTE Film/TV Practicum (Multimedia Production Pathway)

CTE Fire Science Academy Practicum (Emergency Response Pathway)

CTE Hospitality/Tourism/Recreation Practicum (Hospitality/Tourism/Recreation Pathway)

CTE Media/Photo Practicum (Graphic Design Pathway)

CTE Medical Assistant Practicum (Patient Care Pathway)

CTE Medical Occupations & EFR Practicum (Patient Care Pathway)

CTE Mind Matters Practicum (Patient Care Pathway)

CTE Sports Medicine Practicum (Patient Care Pathway)


For more information contact your counselor or a Career and College Readiness Counselor at [email protected]