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Aerospace Engineering Career Pathway

Principles of Engineering (POE) is the second year class in a four-year Aerospace Engineering Pathway offered at West Ranch High School through the Career and College Readiness Department, Wm. S. Hart Union High School District. Career Pathways are similar to ‘majoring’ in High School. 
The Engineering Pathway is offered at 5 Hart District High Schools through the Career and College Readiness Department.  West Ranch and Saugus High School are in the second year of the program.  Hart, Valencia and Canyon High School are in their first year of the program. 
The West Ranch Engineering Class, shown in the videos, taught by Math Instructor, Tanja Brosche focuses on basic math and physics involved in engineering including simple/compound machines, energy, circuits, bridges, and statics.
The project shown in the videos requires the students to solve a problem by building a compound machine. Students choose a variety of problems to solve - guillotine, sending a text, drawbridge, catapult, moving an object up a ramp, etc.

According to 26 of the top 30 paying majors involve some form of engineering, and 2 of the four non-engineering majors include upper-level math. It is Mrs. Brosche’s goal, and the Career and College Readiness Department, to encourage the students with an interest and aptitude to pursue these careers. Not to mention, the job demand in many engineering fields (usually 8-10%) is growing faster than the average job demand (approx. 7%) m).
We are happy to announce at West Ranch High School the SWE (Society of Women Engineers) has started a club this year. The club is affiliated with the national organization. The goal is to include all students interested in engineering with a focus on encouraging females to get involved. The club will include all students regardless of gender. The club will be performing a rocket project as well as designing a remote control for a weather balloon payload parachute. The president, Jackie Roche, has also lined up speakers from CSUN and USC to attend the meetings.
Please click on the links below to watch short video clips from the Engineering Class at West Ranch High School. 

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