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Internship Class

To find out more about our Career Internship Course program, please visit our website page: Work Based Learning.
You can also find information on the Career Internship Course by visiting our Career & College Readiness Specialist at every School Site. Here is the link to find their contact information: Career & College Readiness Specialist Information Page.
The Career & College Readiness Department is proud to feature Nicole Marie August this month. She worked 60 hours as an Intern for the Signal Newspaper this summer. To learn more about Nicole's experiences, please read her 'Exit Review' below.

Nicole Marie Augusta

This class was extremely helpful and enlightening, and I learned so much about how to interview for a job, behavior in the workplace, and about the importance of a digital portfolio.

I learned that you need to observe the workplace before starting a job. Different places dress differently, and it is important to follow the dress code of a workplace at all times. It is important to get to work on time, if not five minutes early. It is important to treat superiors and coworkers with respect always, and to hit deadlines and get work done with no complaints! I learned so much about the etiquette in the workplace from the class, but also by being in the atmosphere at The Signal. All of this applies to interviews, as well. The same attitude, dress, and overall etiquette rules are always important. Everything that I learned is so true when it comes to professionalism and working.

The digital portfolio is super helpful when getting a job, and puts you at an advantage. It is important to make it personal to the employer and keep it professional, and not forget anything. It is a short, positive story about you, so you want to showcase yourself in the best light possible, while making it convenient for employers to read. I am so glad I learned this early on, so I will have time to perfect my digital portfolio and be prepared when it is time to start thinking about a job.

My objectives and goals at the beginning were to learn more about how a newspaper works, and to learn more about working for a job overall. I learned all of this and more.

My experience in this class was informative, enlightening, and overall unforgettable.