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University of California System

The University of California is a public university system committed to its mission of research, education, and public service at 10 campuses with 285,000 undergraduate and graduate students. 9 campuses have undergraduate programs while the 10th campus, UC San Francisco, is exclusively a graduate school in the health sciences. The system offers 160 academic disciplines and 800 degree programs. As of February 2020, 82.1% of the undergraduate population were California residents, 17.9% are nonresidents, 28% are community college transfers, and 40% are the first in their families to attend a college or university. The UC campuses are routinely ranked among the best in the world. All campus names begin with UC followed by their location.
UC WEEK is September 14th to September 17th and is part of The Transfer Days/College Nights program. Each campus is hosting a virtual presentation and the links to these events are listed underneath the campus video. When you register for the event, you may see this program title at the top of the page. You are in the correct place for the freshman presentations. Some students may not be able to register and be put on a waitlist. If a campus can no longer take registrations, they will direct you to other resources.